31 December 2011

Christmas in Buderim 2011

On the 16th December 2011 we set off at 4:30am on another road trip up to Queensland to visit Chris and Robbie.  It had been 3 years since we last did this trip and the obvious difference, apart from the fact that we have a different new car, was we obviously now have a two year old to contend with!  This, as you'd expect, filled us with excited anticipation and had comments of "I'll fly up with Elke and meet you there?!" on numerous occasions on the week leading up to the trip.
Day one of the drive we decided to travel about 500km and were booked into a nice camp ground in Nambucca Heads (50km south of Coffs Harbour) called The White Albatross - leaving Sydney so early we arrived there at around 11:30am so had the rest of the day to relax and enjoy the place:

It was a fantastic little park with great facilities, Elke had forgotten about the drive that morning, which was good because we had another 400 kms to do the next day to Tina and Aaron's place on the Gold Coast.  It was also Karen's 35th Birthday so when we arrived we found out that they had arranged a little party at there place.    We had a great evening in Narrang and although we woke a little too early, with a few sore heads, it was time to move on up to the final destination for our Christmas break.  Chris and Robbie's house in Buderim
The next few days were spent  with early morning runs and swims for Robbie and G on Mooloolaba beach, dog walking afternoons on another beach and visiting some of the attractions on the Sunshine coast (such as Under Water World, Eumundi Markets and Buderim Ginger factory).  Plus there was the odd last minute shopping and socialising to be done.

Chris and Robbie's house is beautiful and big!  So they hosted a lavish Christmas party for 11 kids and 10 adults.  There was apparently 16 bubbly corks that flew off the balcony, according to Robbie the following day :)
We also managed to get the old FaceTime working with the likes of Don and Matt back home, not that I remember much of the conversations had on our Christmas night mind, as it's unlikely that they remember the ones on our Boxing day morning!

As is always the case with Christmas, the days just flew by and although we had a few showery days leading up to Christmas, on the whole it was very nice weather for our 10 nights with Chris Robbie and the girls.

Elke had an absolute ball with her three cousins, Keira, Ava and Olivia.  On the morning of the 28th December 2011 it was time to embark on the journey home.  We left Buderim at 5:30am QLD time and were back home in Five Dock by 8pm that night.  We had intended on making a one night stop but as Elke was travelling so well and we were making good progress (despite my slight indiscretion with the cops at going a little over the limit on a duel carriageway, but we won't go into that) we decided just to blitz it straight through.
New Years was held at our place with some of our local friends.  It was a lovely Christmas break and start to 2012!  Happy New Year.

 Foamy beach dog walking arvo with the kids after the Christmas king tides and swell had slightly subsided.

Some pics of out and about on the Sunshine Coast (Aussie World, Under Water World, Noosa and Mooloolaba Beaches)

05 December 2011

Spring and Summer 2011

Here's a few more recent pics of Elke being a little monkey and having fun, and on Cockatoo Island with her cousins Charlotte and Madeline on a recent camping weekend.

06 November 2011

Elke's 2nd Birthday

Elke turned 2 on the 6th November 2011.  We had a party at home the day before and invited all her friends. They had a ball! and luckily it wasn't raining so the carnage was mainly contained to the backyard!  Elke is thriving, talking lots and even in little sentences now.  She's currently 91cm and 13.7kgs... she's tall for a 2 year old, must have the Mowbray genes there :)

20 September 2011

RIP Pete - 16/09/11

Top bloke. You'll be missed!

Citizen G

I have become a dual citizen in this year of our lord 2011 :)

11 August 2011

Elke inspecting the flowers at the Five Dock Ferragosto Festival 11/08/2011

Elke had Mummy and Daddy running around after her this afternoon, and it was tough as this was the same day we'd both completed the City2Surf 2011 (Daddy's 4th and Mummy's 2nd)

24 January 2011

January - Shellharbour Beach

Popped down to Grandad Frank and Nana Sue's for the weekend - it was a lovely hot one so we went to the beach and Elke loved it this time. On Sunday cousin's Charlotte Mads and Zac were there doing nippers so she got to have a paddle with them too. Got to love Sydney in January!

Christmas 2010 - UK

We had a great trip back to the UK for Christmas, and for Don and Anne's wedding in Tetbury - the Cotswolds. Plenty of snow the first week made it fun. We spent Christmas in Bristol with temperatures not getting above freezing - then back to Watford for some catch ups with friends and even managed a little trip on the Eurostar to Antwerp with Matt and Tash and were shown around by our friends Ivan and Annika - it was a fun holiday!

19 August 2010

What's been going on lately

Elke has been keeping us busy, she's now nearly 10 months old and changing a lot - shuffling around on her bum, rather than crawling yet, making lots of different sounds that are getting close to words - mummum and dada and ta are about the limit of the recognisable ones. But I was impressed the other day when I said "Elke clap" and she did - so she understands more than we realised already - so can follow simple commands like that or wave. She still has a tendency to wake in the early morning around 3-4am and chat away to herself - but K assures me she is sleeping better than the rest of the kids in her mothers group.

What else - we've been unsuccessfully, so far, trying to sell our flat in London, we did find an investment place that was going to buy it and they pulled out a week from completion *sigh* So we're giving it six more weeks then looks like we'll have to rent it out again until the market in the UK improves so we can sell the bloody thing!

K and I both did the City2Surf 2010 - where I managed to put in my PB at 70:10 (5 minute K's booya~!) and K managed a respectable 2hrs7mins in her inaugural City2Surf race.

Work wise - I'm three months into my new role in the Engineering Workplace Services team and K's doing 2 days a week at her new investment job - with one from home, meaning Elke only needs to go to childcare 2 days a week.

That's about it for now - I'll leave this post with a Wordle I created from plugging in my Blog url (Wordle.net):

02 May 2010

Elke - The First 6 Months

A collage of 0ur little girl over the last six months! She's now sitting up and interacting with everyone and everything. We're still working on the sleeping through the night part - just don't seem to be able to get enough milk in Elke during the day to keep her asleep all night - there's just too much going on that needs her full attention! :)

I've been uploading pics to fb for people to see her development over the months - here's a link to the album Elke Laureen Mowbray - Pics

Well she'll be 6 months in 4 days and K is off back to work, just two days a week, so it's off to childcare Monday-Tuesday's for the little one - lots of people to meet and toys to play with there so we're sure she'll be fine - it's in the city and costing a small fortune so I hope she likes it.

03 January 2010

Christmas 2009

Big Sis, Christine, Robbie and the girls came to visit for Christmas with us this year. We had some lovely weather the first week and made a trip to Taronga Zoo and Chris and Rob managed to catch up with some friends. We had a lovely Christmas day down in Shellharbour with the rest of the family then a quiet New Year (as Chris had gone back up to Queensland with her brood by then :))

Elke is now 8 weeks old and is continuing to thrive, lots of smiles and gooing going on lately and she's managed a number of sleep through's from 9pm-6am which has been great! Looking forward to her development over 2010 - Happy New Year!!